Looking for an engagement ring for your love? Which one to choose? You would be expecting diamond or platinum to be the answer. But trust me; there is something more attractive, more natural and more delightful. Opal rings. Your fiancé would love it. This is the new trend; every bride wants something different, not the same old gemstone, something new from MyPearls.

Why an opal?

Each opal is unique. No one will ever have the same ring as your bride. This is the most appeasing thing about an opal ring. And not to say about the play of colours, the bright and bold look. An opal shines from a distance, catching the eye of almost everyone; it’s something she can show-off. When light passes through it, or bounces off its surface, one can see the most appealing, radiant reflections. Just the perfect symbol of a bright and colourful life you are promising on the most important day of her life.

The story of the gemstone

Opals were highly demanded in the 18th and the 19th century. They were considered as one of the rarest and most precious stones in the world. But then, in 1929, a famous book symbolised it as a bad luck and mourning. It is believed that after this, the myth spread that the stone brings bad luck, sorrow and mourning to the bearer. The changing colour of the stone added to the reasons for superstitions. But now, people around the globe are accepting this beautiful gem and, rather, keen of owning one. Science has proved that the changing colours are a reason of its changing properties. Once again, there is resurgence in the popularity of amazing opals


What options do you have in opals?

Well, what not? From the shape to the colour to design to the source, you have plenty to choose from. Again in colour options, you have a variety of body colours and opal colours determining the value of an opal. Then you have the traditional designs and the contemporary ones. You have the white gold base, the yellow gold base, platinum base or even silver. Some of the popular designs include boulder opal set in silver, black opal with diamonds set in yellow gold, black Opal in white Gold and crystal Opal in white Gold.

The bottom line is, there cannot be something more perfect. Just a word of caution- one needs to take an extra care of an opal ring. But given proper care, one with an opal ring has something unique for the lifetime, something portraying individuality.