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Body Beast Review

Body Beast Review: Workout From Home

Body beast is a 90-day workout program which is a routine to help an individual bulk up, get very strong and get some serious body muscle. It is a very serious program that involves the lifting of weights compared to a majority of programs that only focuses on cardio and moving around. The program is not for the faint hearted as each workout will take between 45 minutes to one hour.  Read on for our in-depth Body Beast Review or mozy on over to our friend Ideal Fitness for their take on Body Beast.

Body Beast Review: Phases

In the program, there are three phases:

1. Build.

This is a three-week long phase which introduces a person to the moves, how to breathe during the sessions as well as staying safe during the exercise period.

2. Bulk.

This is of six-week duration where a person starts to have a more physically demanding exercise. It focuses on heavier lifting together with moving the weights to build your muscles.

3. Beast.

In this phase, the demand increases as there is a need for a faster pace to be able to finish the program looking like a beast. This phase is at the last three weeks of the program.


The program is more suitable for a person who is already in the gym who is already familiar with some of these exercises but have not gotten the results they want. The program can be used by a beginner but its advance nature makes it suitable for a person who already has months of solid training.


The program was authored by a guy named Sagi Kalev who was born in Israel but moved to the USA. Sagi is a bodybuilder, fitness model and a two-time Mr. Israel. Since the author is a body builder himself, the confidence the program brings to the users can not be underestimated.


1. Dumbbells.
You will need some dumbbells with weight variation. The starting level always varies from one user of the program to another. You will increase the weight as you continue on the program.

2. Bench.
You will need a bench

3. Pull up bar.
A person is also able to use modified equipment to get the work done.


-Single sets: Only one exercise

-Super sets: Two exercises are done without having any break between them

-Giant sets: Three different types of exercises targeting the same muscle.

-Force sets: Five sets with five reps having 10 seconds rest between the sets.

-Progressive sets: This is where a person moves from lighter reps to low reps and then goes through the reverse after taking a break.

-Combo sets: This involves any exercise that works on more than one muscle:

-Circuit sets: This is where a person moves from one exercise to another with a very little rest.

-Tempo sets: Here you are able to hold the contraction for a certain amount of time during the exercise.

Body Beast Review Nutrition

Almost all body building programs are about 60% nutrition based. Body beast is no different. How a person eats will determine whether they end up with the results they desire. Bulking is more enjoyable since you have to eat more. But be careful not to go overboard with the eating. With the body beast nutrition guide, all these will be prevented if well followed. There is a comprehensive guide on what to eat and what amount.


Women are getting very good results if they are dedicated to the nutritional program. Bulking for women is a bit difficult compared to men but with effort and nutrition, women achieve very good results.

In conclusion, from different Body beast review by different users, a good number of people have added some pounds. This means that if a person keenly follows the program, The said results in the program can easily be achieved.


Tai Cheng Review: My Little Review

If you want to take your fitness performance to the next level, this Tai Cheng review might be what you need. Having a good time while working out is possible with this outstanding fitness program, but you need probably want to know more about before laying out any money, so read on or take a look at this Tai Cheng Review from

Tai Cheng Review: Amazing Fitness Program

Tai Cheng is just an amazing fitness program that has been released by a multinational company called Beachbody. This firm sells a lot of weight loss and fitness products.  Dr. Mark Cheng is the creator of this program, and he has decades of experience in the field of Tai Chi. He is also a specialist in manual Chinese medicine, and this man also has a Ph.D. in the field of Chinese medicine. Mr. Cheng is also the creator of a motion control method that is truly revolutionary. If you use this motion control method, you will have a great chance of mastering Tai Chi over time, which is truly awesome.

Tai Cheng Review: Increasing Balance

This amazing fitness program might increase your balance like never before, and your agility will be increased down the road too. You will manage to rehab your body after any muscle injury out there, and your circulation will be improved over time too. The program is truly based on the important Dynamic Motion control. This system uses flowing movements so that your body can be healed and improved over time. Living an active lifestyle is what this fitness program is all about, and it can help you live with just less pain. You will be performing light warm ups every single day with the aid of this program.

Tai Cheng Review: Healing Movements

You will be performing a lot of healing movements that will allow you to reap tons of health benefits over time time. The program has also 3 outstanding phases, and you will learn a lot of Tai Chi movements here in no time. These phases will just take 3 weeks long each, but you will reap tons of rewards in no time. You will be performance multiple movements together in sequence right away. Promoting your total physical wellness is something that that is this program knows how to do very well these days too. If you want to rehabilitate your body, Tai Cheng can be godsend that you have been seeking for a long time.


– You will know how to handle your stress over time in a much better way.

– Users of this fitness program will know how to get tons the pain relief that they have been seeking for a long time.

– If you practice a sport, you can also increase your performance thanks to Tai Cheng these days too.

– This amazing fitness program also teaches you how to use the correct posture so you can reduce your pain over time.


– You might not like this program it you are truly interested in losing weight over time time too.

Now that you know more about what Tai Cheng  has in store for you, you can have more fun. Your life might change for the better with the the aid of this amazing fitness program out there. Remember also that this program will allow you to improve your posture like never before, but you need to take action so you can make things happen over time.

Fashion Trends that Put a Toll on Your Health

The vain do not complain. This may be true for those who want to look good and fashionable, but beyond the physical impact of wearing the trendiest clothes and fashion lay some health risks that you may not be aware of.

Do not let aesthetics get the better of you! From bags, to shoes and undergarments, know what fashion trends can spell disaster to your health and well being.

You want to have long legs and so you put on a sexy pair of stilettos. Three inched-stilettos can do the trick! Heads turn and you feel like a supermodel walking down the runway, but after 30 minutes of walking your legs and feet already pays the consequence of vanity. With stilettos, you could simply trip and sprain your ankles, develop bunions, calluses and varicose veins. If you don’t stop wearing them everyday, your knees and even your lower back are also at risk. Overtime, osteoarthritis can set in. Those mile-high stilettos are just not good for your biomechanics. So before you go gaga over those alluring stilettos go and seek the advice of your podiatrist first.

Ladies and who avoid the VPL or visible panty line taboo wear thongs instead of the usual comfy cotton panties. There are even those who prefer to wear thongs because they want to emphasize their toned thighs and buns. Unfortunately, wearing thongs or G-strings too often can cause genital tissue irritation, which in some instance develops into small lacerations and cuts. Wearing too tight thongs can also cause urinary tract infection and vaginal infections such as yeast infection which is very irritating and painful. But do not despair! You can still avoid VPLs with the use of invisible panty lines like cotton boy shorts.

What was once associated with rockers, bikers and gangsters are now considered fashion trends by many. I’m talking about body tattoos. Nowadays, tattoos are considered cool, stylish and fashionable. But one thing remains the same. Tattoos, especially those that are not done hygienically can expose you to diseases like hepatitis and even HIV! And then there are simple allergies and skin irritations. And do you think a tattooed image of your ex-boyfriend twenty to forty years from now will look sentimental, especially if you both have your own separate lives? If you think getting a tattoo is very painful, wait till you try to removing one!

Career women of today carry almost everything in their bags, but the kitchen! Three to four cell phones, vanity kit, wallets, laptops, name it, the bag has it. And because of this, bigger bags are needed. But while big bags are both fashionable and functional, these have negative effects of the shoulder muscles and nerves. And obviously, your shoulders, spine and even your back are exposed to more strain as you add more stuff to your bag. The key is to bring only those items that you need.

You see celebrities wear them during red carpet walks, but that does not mean you should too. Last fashion trend that can pose some health risk are big heavy earrings. The last thing you want is a torn up earlobe simply because your heavy dangling earrings got caught somewhere or is simply too heavy for your ears. A torn up earlobe is very visible and definitely not a good sight to see.

Fashion and styles help express ones self, but do not let that expression be “ouch”. Do not sacrifice comfort over looking good, because fashion should never be a pain in the neck, feet and back.

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