In cities around the world fashion shows are held; Rio, Paris, London, New York, and Milan; and it is at these shows that several things occur which change the way we see ourselves worldwide. The way we dress to go to work; the way men see women and women see men as being attractive; the way we think of ourselves all rests on how fashion affects the world. To the Fashion Industry the driving forces that makes the industry grow is the designers and agencies who use models to show of the designs; but the lack of cultural diversity is bordering on facism. No industry in the world has more to do with how people as individuals see themselves and yet they are allow to weed out and prevent models of various cultures and ethnicities to work and excel successfully.

As a writer I am a man; who believes that woman are the most beautiful creatures in this world and yet the world; international culture; national trends; and subcultures such as urban or hip hop are on the verge of being told what is exceptable beauty by a select few whose actions may reveal bias motives. One way we can be sure of changing this situation is to observe and if necessary provoke needed change in the fashion industry.

Racism or even segregation that appears obvious in any sort is unexceptable and in any profession would be investigated; especially when it is shown that people are capable of doing the job. I have yet to see airline pilots, military officers, accountants, or doctors find segregation so blatant when many apply to find jobs in the career field chosen; yet in the fashion industry woman are segregated in whether they are from Africa, Asia, and other cultures outside Europe; and one need not look farther than some of the Fashion Weeks of 2016. Who, shall thus speak out? Who shall correct this injustice? It can be corrected by either better integration or if may lead to the demise of the industry if people see it and chose to take there wages elsewhere. Either way racism can not stand; unjust practices must not stand; and now the entire world sees it so it will not stand.