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Fashion: Free, Fair or Facist

In cities around the world fashion shows are held; Rio, Paris, London, New York, and Milan; and it is at these shows that several things occur which change the way we see ourselves worldwide. The way we dress to go to work; the way men see women and women see men as being attractive; the way we think of ourselves all rests on how fashion affects the world. To the Fashion Industry the driving forces that makes the industry grow is the designers and agencies who use models to show of the designs; but the lack of cultural diversity is bordering on facism. No industry in the world has more to do with how people as individuals see themselves and yet they are allow to weed out and prevent models of various cultures and ethnicities to work and excel successfully.

As a writer I am a man; who believes that woman are the most beautiful creatures in this world and yet the world; international culture; national trends; and subcultures such as urban or hip hop are on the verge of being told what is exceptable beauty by a select few whose actions may reveal bias motives. One way we can be sure of changing this situation is to observe and if necessary provoke needed change in the fashion industry.

Racism or even segregation that appears obvious in any sort is unexceptable and in any profession would be investigated; especially when it is shown that people are capable of doing the job. I have yet to see airline pilots, military officers, accountants, or doctors find segregation so blatant when many apply to find jobs in the career field chosen; yet in the fashion industry woman are segregated in whether they are from Africa, Asia, and other cultures outside Europe; and one need not look farther than some of the Fashion Weeks of 2016. Who, shall thus speak out? Who shall correct this injustice? It can be corrected by either better integration or if may lead to the demise of the industry if people see it and chose to take there wages elsewhere. Either way racism can not stand; unjust practices must not stand; and now the entire world sees it so it will not stand.

Plus Sized Swim Fashions

Swimming season is just around the corner, and there can be no greater source of stress than trying to find the perfect swimsuit. For the plus sized woman, it can be especially difficult to find the right swimsuit that is flattering and provides good coverage and support. Many major swim suit designers have larger sizes, but they are often just larger versions of swimsuits that were designed around a size six fit model. Fortunately, there are also designers that specialize in swimsuits for the fuller figure.

Delta Burke Swimwear is part of the very successful Delta Burke Clothing line. The collection includes a black and white one piece swim suit with built in soft cup bra, tummy control and a mesh pattern across the top of the suit. The suit also features a high neck designed to minimize a large bust. There is also a two piece skirted suit that features an identical stripe and mesh design. If you are looking to leave black behind, the Nile Two Piece Skirtini Swim Suit comes in your choice of a navy blue skirt with a blue and lavender floral tank or a black skirt with a red and burgandy floral tank.

The Coral Beach Two Piece Tankini from Your Best Look features a soft molded up shelf bra, a tummy control lining, double straps and a high waisted bikini bottom. The suit also comes with a matching sarong that echoes the suit’s coral floral design with sand and ivory accents. Also from Your Best Look is the Floral Panel One Piece Swimsuit. The suit features a black and white floral centre inset with slimming black side panels. A soft molded cup shelf bra and side wires provide extra support. The swimsuit comes with a matching sheer cover up.

This year’s Sahara Club is bright and feminine with no black or navy in sight. The Pink Passion One Piece Sarong Front Swimsuit is pretty and flattering with pink, coral and red accents and a low back. The front mesh control panel and sarong front tames the tummy and camouflages flaws. The Pink Passion design is also featured in a two piece double strapped tankini with a red, high waisted bottom.

To mix and match pieces to achieve the right look for your figure, shop Lane Bryant’s swim separates. Top choices include print and solid halters, traditional tanks and double strap tanks. Classic high waist swim bottoms, shorts and skirted bottoms complete the look.

How to Shop for and Wear Leggings

A Transitional Wardrobe Piece that Won’t Break the Bank
As the summer comes to a close the weather is getting cooler and fall fashions are making their way into clothing stores. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable this fall. Leggings are a great way to update your wardrobe this fall without breaking the bank. They are a great transition piece of clothing that lets you stretch your summer dresses into the fall.
There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for leggings this fall:
They are meant as an accessory NOT as a replacement for pants! The easiest way to pull of leggings is to have your outfit FIRST and the leggings to the outfit. So, go through your closet and take a look at what you already have, and which outfits would benefit by adding leggings to them. This will help stretch your summer wardrobe into the fall without spending a lot of money. When looking at your outfits take note of what colors are in your outfits. When shopping you will want to match the neutral colors in your outfits to a neutral pair of leggings.

Keep it neutral. Keep up with the current trend by keeping your leggings black, dark brown or dark grey. Pairing black leggings with a mostly black dress helps you look chic, longer, and leaner. If you go with bright leggings you might look like you’ve had them for a few decades, or be mistaken for wearing your high school daughter’s pair.
Do not under any circumstances wear leggings with stirrups (the small band that slides under your foot to keep them in place). This style is outdated. Your leggings should hit about mid-calf. If you are taller then they can be a little higher, but they shouldn’t hit your knee.
Please note that there is a difference between leggings and footless tights/pantyhose! Footless pantyhose are very light and sometimes see-thru. Confusing the two could make for an embarrassing moment. Leggings are not sold in the lingerie section. They are located with the other clothing, and usually near dresses or long tunics. Clothing stores try to make it easy for the costumer to make an outfit, so they will place items that make a great outfit next or near each other.
Now that you have the leggings how do you wear them? Simple! An easy way is to wear them under a summer dress or sweater dress. This helps you extend your summer wardrobe. Another option is to wear it with a long tunic or shit. Keep in mind that leggings are meant to show a little bit of leg. Do not add high socks or leggings to try to keep your legs warm. Depending on the outfit leggings are best paired with ballet flats (for a more casual look) or heels for a dressier look.

Fashion Trends that Put a Toll on Your Health

The vain do not complain. This may be true for those who want to look good and fashionable, but beyond the physical impact of wearing the trendiest clothes and fashion lay some health risks that you may not be aware of.

Do not let aesthetics get the better of you! From bags, to shoes and undergarments, know what fashion trends can spell disaster to your health and well being.

You want to have long legs and so you put on a sexy pair of stilettos. Three inched-stilettos can do the trick! Heads turn and you feel like a supermodel walking down the runway, but after 30 minutes of walking your legs and feet already pays the consequence of vanity. With stilettos, you could simply trip and sprain your ankles, develop bunions, calluses and varicose veins. If you don’t stop wearing them everyday, your knees and even your lower back are also at risk. Overtime, osteoarthritis can set in. Those mile-high stilettos are just not good for your biomechanics. So before you go gaga over those alluring stilettos go and seek the advice of your podiatrist first.

Ladies and who avoid the VPL or visible panty line taboo wear thongs instead of the usual comfy cotton panties. There are even those who prefer to wear thongs because they want to emphasize their toned thighs and buns. Unfortunately, wearing thongs or G-strings too often can cause genital tissue irritation, which in some instance develops into small lacerations and cuts. Wearing too tight thongs can also cause urinary tract infection and vaginal infections such as yeast infection which is very irritating and painful. But do not despair! You can still avoid VPLs with the use of invisible panty lines like cotton boy shorts.

What was once associated with rockers, bikers and gangsters are now considered fashion trends by many. I’m talking about body tattoos. Nowadays, tattoos are considered cool, stylish and fashionable. But one thing remains the same. Tattoos, especially those that are not done hygienically can expose you to diseases like hepatitis and even HIV! And then there are simple allergies and skin irritations. And do you think a tattooed image of your ex-boyfriend twenty to forty years from now will look sentimental, especially if you both have your own separate lives? If you think getting a tattoo is very painful, wait till you try to removing one!

Career women of today carry almost everything in their bags, but the kitchen! Three to four cell phones, vanity kit, wallets, laptops, name it, the bag has it. And because of this, bigger bags are needed. But while big bags are both fashionable and functional, these have negative effects of the shoulder muscles and nerves. And obviously, your shoulders, spine and even your back are exposed to more strain as you add more stuff to your bag. The key is to bring only those items that you need.

You see celebrities wear them during red carpet walks, but that does not mean you should too. Last fashion trend that can pose some health risk are big heavy earrings. The last thing you want is a torn up earlobe simply because your heavy dangling earrings got caught somewhere or is simply too heavy for your ears. A torn up earlobe is very visible and definitely not a good sight to see.

Fashion and styles help express ones self, but do not let that expression be “ouch”. Do not sacrifice comfort over looking good, because fashion should never be a pain in the neck, feet and back.

Plus Size Fashions of 2017

You know better than to hide those beautiful curves beneath that shapeless and definitely unfashionable garment. Exhibit them with the latest Plus Size Fashions of 2016. With a market exceeding $45-billion a year, that only means you’re not alone girl! Plenty other beauties have the same figure as you. So show off that plus size for all the beauty that is there to be seen.

Summer Dresses and Skirts

Gracing our collections are this year’s fabulous dresses and skirts. Starting with the fine-gauge knit wrap dresses that cinches in and drapes out creating the captivating effect of a modern goddess, delicate halters that veer into the head-turning category, with those airy empire cuts, are perfect ways to float through summer. Pair that with sweet skirts of bright or solid neutral colors topped with blouses with similar hues will give you the grace that will fit your style.

Stylish Shirts and Tops

These skin-baring shirts shrunk to fit have just gone up the belly. These figure-friendly threads are surprisingly refreshing to wear. Designed to lightly flow over your body, tunics give you more bust detail and nips in that extra curvy appeal down your waist. The more casual tanks can be adorned with intricate embroidery or a lustrous soft pastel by choice. These babies will look smashing in a blouse form with beautiful plus size dresses with wraps and halters worn by quintessentially-formed figures. For that slim and elongated body effect, the v-neckline would be perfect. Choose the breathable soft fabrics like the jersey knit, micro fiber, cotton or poly blends, crepe and silk georgette and you will never regret it. Put on a fancy jean jacket to add an extra layer if needed.

Fabulous Pants and Jeans

Feminine-fit denims and slacks are now improved by careful tailoring with quality construction. Lightweight Capri’s in fresh cotton-blends or denim, the pocket-free classic black trousers with flat-front, and chic wide-leg palazzo pairs had definitely done the trick. The curve-catering jeans of elemental dark rinses, higher than usual back rise, boot-cut legs, back pockets angled to fit and with specially designed front panels can smooth out that tummy area. Pants with a-little-stretchy fabrics are always the best.

Corporate Career Wear

Dress for success; start in a corporate classic white t-shirt. This theme has endless variations that you’re guaranteed to find a suitable outfit. This style won’t get you overly buttoned-down. To less emphasize your bust line, you may leave a few buttons modestly opened avoid that awful “button-gap”. Finely tailored suit jackets are really worth investing in. Look for those narrow lapels, a one-buttoned waist closure with all-season fabrics like rayon and light blend tweeds. Black makes you look slender but white gives the refreshing effect and even looks awesome in a silhouette structure. Many sober and sleek varieties can actually refine that form of yours. Pair with a tulip skirt to add that prancing effect. Longer jackets or mid-hip can be matched with a knee-length skirt to provide a flattery proportion.

Avoid those embellished and decorative designs. The clean-lined and plain-looking are always more attractive when yearning for that professional edge.

Steamy Active Wear

Who says plus-sized women aren’t women of active inclinations? That’s not even close to the truth. Plus-sized women are active women especially when they work out. For the best effects, avoid those too tight bottoms or tops. A sport bra with built-in under wire should be very helpful but choose those that won’t constrict. And like any passable active wear, it should be moisture repellant with a breathable material. Try the looser-cut yoga outfits for once, and experience pure comfort. Pair with brilliantly proportioned pants with widened bottoms and soft cotton-blend razorback tanks for a style that’s fashionably refreshing.

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